The Great Renewal

By Anonymous | The Great Renewal
This is an example of how the militarized police become 'government out of control' as seen by both the Right and the Left!

What do we have to do to change this?

I'm a progressive, old woman (72), grew up with guns, am terrified by the misrepresentation of the 2nd Amendment that the NRA has used to fuel America becoming the Country of Guns/Bullets! I'm frightened for us all.

Here are some suggestions:

1) Every town and city have a 'buy back' every month for the next two years of guns and bullets and other weapons of mass destruction.

2) Have police in those cities start walking the streets without guns and joined by a community Peace Group that walks alongside them unarmed as well.

3) For those people who want guns invite them to join the 'well regulated militia' in every town and city. Take them to the firing range and also put them to work cleaning up their neighborhoods, tearing down derelict buildings and planting gardens, replanting woodlands, building bike and walking paths and painting run-down houses and stores.

In other words, instead of accepting the image of the NRA that America should become an armed fortress, put all our collective energies into a Great Renewal.

The Great Renewal
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